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Beach and nature

Posted by Red island


Because of its isolation,non-settlement, its location and natural beauty, Red island provides a special feeling to all visitors during their visit and staying on it. Through the whole Red island are passing paths decorated with pines whose scent is enveloping the entire island. A lot of pines are planted in a way that creates a natural wall that separates the paths from the beach. Walking through the Red island and absorbing its odors it is enough to step aside, lookbehind the trees and see many secluded rocks, rocky beaches, clear sea ... This natural wall gives visitors a sense of intimacy becausewhile they enjoy in many natural beaches it protects them from the views of all walkers.

Trough the wholeRed island are placed old wooden benches overlooking the sea, which allow visitor to sit on them and enjoy all the charms of the island, sunrise, sunset, meditation...

Red island is characterized by a large number of seagulls that inhabit the island, the pheasants which roam freely, lizards that run through the paths, so while lying on the beach and near you lying seagulls and pheasants you will have the feeling that you are on deserted island.

On the island is saved a central part of the church from the Benedictine period, which has the shape of a Greek cross. In this part, today there is a small maritime museum, with models of old ships and copies of frescoes from the whole Istria. The Convent was in the nineties of 19th century converted into the castle Hutterott, and today on the island of Maskinis a family grave of the family Hutterott.

Special energy which every visitor feels when he visitsthe Red island has been confirmed by the Croatian Society for Natural and Energy Medicine. Specifically, on the island of Maskin you can findareas that were tested that are first category (90% above the energy potential of the island) and the second category. Within this area were made energy circles made from the stones in which visitors can meditate. Because of the strong energy sources this type of meditation can affect health improvement and gradual healing of the body.